Monday, December 17, 2012

Monitoring Consumer Sentiment in Pharma

Sifting through social media sources is one of the best ways to find information regarding new technology.  While perusing Twitter, we came across this article written by Jennifer Zaino of  With today’s world of constant data streams, managing it all and applying it in a meaningful way is a priority of successful companies.  Effectively utilizing this data requires semantic technology and sentiment analytics, and in turn, a user or business can continuously adapt their social customer relationship management (CRM).  Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, recently released its Magic Quadrant for social CRM. 

Several players exist in the semantic technology arena that work with companies to develop business strategies and social experiences that generate improvements for sales, marketing, and customer service, while also benefiting online communities.  Gartner has divided these players into the following four quadrants based on completeness of vision and the ability to execute that vision: niche players, visionaries, challengers, and leaders.  On this spectrum of social CRM players, it is evident that the leaders, such as, are the ones that effectively utilize social and sentiment analysis strategies that are evolving with today’s world of social media and ever developing  “emotional state” of the Internet.  Learning from the leaders of this area of information technology will allow for better overall consumer experiences across industries.  Going beyond keywords for developing a sense of consumer sentiment will be the new normal, and those who effectively utilize this information technology, will be the leaders of their respective industries going forward.   

With regard to pharma, noticeable improvements will be necessary in the future regarding the consumer experience.  Developing efficient methods of monitoring consumer sentiment of various biopharma products will allow companies and healthcare providers to adjust quickly (assuming they are willing to) and provide necessary support for patients in times of non-compliance.  

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