Thursday, December 6, 2012

Localizing Customer Centric Marketing

In today’s world of continual globalization and the prominence of national and international brands, it is easy for a consumer to have little connection to a brand other than store exposure or a television ad.  This fact begs the question, how do national brands develop customer centric strategies that narrow this disconnect?  A recent post by eMarketer regarding national brands’ local marketing techniques shows that, in order to boost brand recognition and to repair this disconnect, national brands intend to spend more money in 2013 on local digital media.

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Attracting customers on a local basis is a key marketing strategy across all industries and is important in building quality customer relationships.  However, in many cases building a customer base on the local level is out of the hands of the national brand.  When this is the case, the national brand must rely on the ability of the local affiliate or distributor to market their products in an effective manner.  Recent surveys show national brands transitioning to local marketing strategies that incorporate mobile marketing, local blogs, and online customer reviews; however, many feel that local affiliates lack the expertise to execute these strategies effectively. 

Going forward, what will be big pharma’s solution to effectively market brands on a local level?  An emerging narrative in pharma is the coordination of national brand advertising  and local affiliate advertising.  The big "media buying" agencies do not know local affiliate marketing.  The need to develop cohesive strategies between these advertising channels focusing on a customer centric experience might be something industry wants to consider producing in 2013.  There is not a single brand director on the planet that does not want to build brand recognition. It is important to recognize ever-changing demographics and geographies that require attention in relation to current sales to ensure ensure companies are reaching their desired consumer. Let us help you determine your best channel mix and local versus national media spend. Let us give you some of our thoughts by sending us your media plan or having your media agency contact us.  

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