Conflicts of Interest for Robert Nauman and consultants associated with BioPharma Advisors

Currently, I own, manage and contract for BioPharma Advisors which is part of JBS Ventures LLC. BioPharma Advisors is a strategic consulting company that provides advise, counsel and personnel support to companies in the life sciences and healthcare marketplace.I am a former employee of GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol Myers Squibb in the US. While at GSK I had a number of roles with my last assignment being the Director of Global eBusiness.

Outside Interests:
I also am a board member of a non-profit organization, the Athens Drive Arts Foundation, from which I receive no payment for my time.

No Sponsorship of Blog Posts:
Blog posts may be written about companies that are former, current or prospective clients of BioPharma Advisors and about current business issues we currently work on or may have worked on in the past.
However, no posts are written on behalf of any specific life science company. I, as well as our contractors do not accept any paid advertising, sponsorship or promotion for content on this blog.All posts represent my opinions and may represent the opinions of consultants working with BioPharma Advisors, but do not represent the opinions of any client company or any previous employers.

Stock Ownership:
I nor consultants associated with BioPharma Advisors own stock in any life science company directly. It is possible that stock in these types of companies may be purchased as part of a retirement/401K fund managed by professional advisors, but I nor consultants associated with our firm have any active involvement in the selection of these stocks.BioPharma Advisors may own some stock in client companies as added compensation for services rendered. Those companies are: