Our Consultants

Our current staff of consultants:
  • Christine Bahls
    • Is a veteran reporter and editor who has written about medical and pharmaceutical issues for the past decade. An award-winning reporter, Christine has written for print and online media, including The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Scientist, and WebMD. She is very familiar with dealing with Thought Leaders. As the managing editor, Journals, for Current Medicine Group, she was responsible for working with those Thought Leaders who were the academic editors of the journals, and to see that journal content met all professional criteria.
  • Craig Adams
    • Skilled in building a vision for sales and marketing success and executing strategies that generate quantifiable results in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Expertise in all phases of business development cycles, including prospecting and lead generation, presentations, negotiations, closing, and follow-up. Hands-on approach to team leadership and direction; excellent communicator and relationship builder. Align sales processes effectively with leading-edge technologies; build sales teams and organize meetings to achieve buy-in on key directives. Proven ability to partner with customers in helping them achieve their goals.
  • Joshua Bruner
    • Trained in medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical development, Joshua is a M.S. Chemistry graduate from Vanderbilt University.  While working in the Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery, he developed novel chemical probes in effort to further understand the pathology of central nervous system disorders.  His drug discovery experience in big pharma and academia allows for a unique perspective to pharmaceutical development.  Joshua is working to provide insight about the interface of healthcare providers and consumers as the use of technology becomes the standard medium. 
The BioPharma Advisors Network
We want to provide a community in which consultants can interact on a regular basis. We want to share ideas, maximize cost benefits available to small groups and to benefit from our interdependence on one another. We intend for the network to foster a deep sense of trust among its members that will be greater than the sum of its parts. 

We anticipate that this model will help accelerate new relationships which will create benefits like: faster concept to proposal to project timelines; consulting engagements whose fees continue to grow; and access to some of the most experienced health sciences consultants available today.

Business interactions must create a strong sense of trust among network members and ensure that appropriate resources be available to members who secure contract work. Through our shared intranet, members will have access to industry best practices, templates for improved business efficiency, and educational programs that will expose them to areas of expertise they may not have in their own practice.

Over time, this network's revenue stream will rival that of a top-tier consultancy and will have an operating margin of a small company, thereby ensuring that its members receive a profitable return on their initial equity investment. 

Fundamental Values
  • TEAM play overrules the individual need
  • To be effective, all members must be active and equal members of the team 
  • Project team members have actually done some of the work they recommend to a client 
  • Governance teams will be set up to manage the challenges in a collaborative model 
  • The network will provide its members the security advantage of a centralized data storage system