Thursday, June 17, 2010

Should T-Mobile jump into the medication adherence space?

One thing that’s so fascinating about watching various businesses and groups try and solve the problem of medication adherence is that they are so diverse – if you need convincing, pick up Monday’s New York Times.

One business that is exploring whether it wants to enter the market is T-Mobile. It already has a name for its product; the product itself is developed; T-Mobile even showed an advertisement of its product at a mobile health fair last month at Stanford University.

So why isn’t the cell phone company ready to launch its product? As the mobihealthnews article points out, T-Mobile has its marketing channel in place, so what is it waiting for? According to the article, T-Mobile execs are concerned about “liability issues” and whether they “know the space.”

Know the space? Why should T-Mobile be different than anybody else? Jump on in, boys, the water is just fine!

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