Friday, June 11, 2010

Google Health's PHR-Is it a sign or will they be back?

It's amusing that some bloggers are taking swipes at Google, more specifically, Google Health.  We think it’s okay for the king of the hill to get a stone in his shoe every once in a while.

Should the rumors of Google Health’s possible demise be true, isn’t it possible that Google is acting on what the rest of us suspect -- that the business model for the personal health platform needs to be reconsidered?Relying on patients to find their own way here is not proving to be the most efficient way to get patient records online.

Chilmark Research says Google Health has “struggled to be relevant.” Maybe that’s true. But if you’re not sure which way the rain is falling, it’s hard to know in which direction to hold the umbrella. 

Maybe what needs to happen at this point is for some forward-thinking group to study the models that are already out there – who’s doing them, who the patient population is, and so on – and then study the outcomes.

Maybe this is what Google Health is already doing: Retreating, regrouping, rethinking, and then planning to reissue its new personal health platform model.

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