Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gentle Nudges Work to Get People Exercising -

Gentle Nudges Work to Get People Exercising -

This is a really great article that has real application to adherence. Does it mean that social networking could work to help motivate adherence?  We think so and when combined with technology like SMS and IVR, it can often help bridge gaps in care between office visits for patients.

We are aware of several pilots that are focused in this area.  But who is really responsible for Medication adherence.  Are patient's themselves really the ones?  How much responsibility does a Healthcare Professional have to make sure a patient follows their prescriptive treatment?  All these are weighty topics that suggest we are early on in this part of the debate.  Stay tuned, but we encourage people to get out and exercise, in fact, its time for my daily walk too!

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