Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Announcing a new capability-Text analytics

We are pleased to announce our latest capability! Text, Voice and Data Analytics.  We have recently partnered with the Thoughtware Group to offer clients in our life science practice an advanced suite of tools to analyze large amounts of data in a quick and economical manner.  

"Big Data" is a term used by many in the industry today.  However, many in the space have failed to acheive an understanding of who says what and why.  For example, whenever marketers observe online digital communication, it remains unclear to them who the person is (interacting with their brand).  Secondly, these insights often remain largely disconnected from the "offline" understanding gained in consumer research. 

We aim to change this proposition by bridging the gap between what online digital communication promises to deliver and what it actually delivers.  With our unique "Thinking Insight" technology we can build segment specific analyses from any type of data feed (Text/Image/Voice) to evolve insights that connect the online and offline worlds.  This will help companies gain insight to the market faster, understand consumer reactions to their brand messages as well as identify new key opinion leaders for their company.

Advances in online and social media marketing are mainly focused today on data gathering, targeted advertising and general sentiment monitoring. This new partnership allows us to not only do these things, but when combined with our industry experts, the final product helps clients understand what they should do next with the information.  

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