Thursday, December 30, 2010

A reflective thought to close out 2010

"We seem to be a very adverse nation.  We are fast becoming the stupid giant of planet earth.   We're big, we're powerful, and we seem to be steadily growing less intelligent." * ---Leonard Pitts Jr., Miami Herald Pulitzer Prize Winner

(*From a public address on the decline of truth in journalism and the growing "stupidification of Americans" - phenomena he attributed to Americans' unquestioning allegiance to their political ideologies and fabrication of the truth.)

A business acquaintance, turned friend, included this quote on a note that he sent me, thanking me for being a valued business partner since we first met in 1999. You know the type: one of those people you just like doing business with.

His type -- reasonable, modest, accommodating, measured, understanding -- is quickly disappearing. His replacement -- one who would expect something in return for a small gift of appreciation. He possesses few, if any, of the aforementioned attributes.

And the crime of it is, his type is not confined to the business world. If we were only that lucky. We are, my friends, fast becoming a nation that is dividing itself and forcing people to choose sides. More of us need to start taking the 30,000 foot view, and looking at what we, as a species, are becoming. The ugliness of our politics, the mud fights in the press regarding KOL conflicts of interest, the lack of decorum in just walking down the street, need I go on?
Somewhere along the line we have lost the spirit to come together. Our government leaders and corporate executives are not willing to invest in people, but if not us, who or what else? The U.S. citizenry is -- always has been -- the backbone of our strength, power and wealth.

As we reflect on this past year, we at BioPharma Advisors want to thank all those who have made our company a success and continue to support our long-term goals. We wish nothing but the best for the new year!

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