Friday, October 1, 2010

Internet Marketing: The New Line Item

“I believe every brand team should have a dedicated Internet marketing person assigned to them.” So writes Richard Meyer, of Online Strategic Solutions.

All we can say is: We wish we had said it first.

A recent House episode featured a 105-year-old-patient, who told the crusty Dr. House that he had searched the Web for something or other. At first, it seemed odd that a centenarian would be comfortable with the Web, and then on second thought, it didn’t.

There are internet marketing professors. There are people who teach about the history of the Internet.

Our point? The Web is as much a part of our lives as cars, toothpaste, and Thanksgiving. The Web, and any subsequent versions of it, are here to stay. Having marketing specialists in this medium makes absolute sense. We don't need to tell you where patients are turning to get their medical information.

To us, having dedicated Internet marketing personnel assigned to each brand team is a business necessity!

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