Monday, July 5, 2010

An Invitation to Get Connected

In marketing guru's Seth Godin's recent blog post, he talked about creating value by organizing people online with like skills who can "generate information useful to others" and otherwise solve problems.

"Build a network of experts and make it available for hire."  That thought is how we developed BioPharma Advisors 7 years ago. People are often amazed at our network of experts that we can put together for projects.  Really bright, intelligent people who are known problem solvers, who have multiple industry experiences, who want to solve really complex business problems.  And we do it at rates much less than the large consultant firms.  Harnessing the power of our "Free Agent Nation" is compelling for many life sciences companies that need talent but may not be able to afford them full time.

So for those of you who do not know about BioPharma Advisors, have a look at the rest of our blog, follow us on Twitter (BioPharmaRob) or connect with Rob Nauman through Linked in. Anyway you can, just get connected. You never really know when you might need that instant network of friends outside your own company.

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